Great design needs to be designed for you, not for the architect, or awards.

It is space for life, for living.


Darren Tye, Principal Architect and founder of Architexture,
B.Sc(Arch) B.Arch University of Sydney. Registration #8029

Darren grew up around Sydney beaches, and specialises in homes and renovations in a relaxed coastal style that suits the climate. Having been trained and mentored by Harry Seidler he has a special interest in Classic Modern Architecture and hence a knack for re-inventing and revitalizing homes from the 1950’s and 1960’s that may have seen their day or been neglected.

We have years of knowledge, experience, passion, sustainability ideas, even architectural tricks, and that is all fantastic, but what really matters is our ability to work with people.

To work easily, in a relaxed and open way that encourages understanding, reflection, and information to come naturally from you, and then we apply all our expertise to that understanding.

In this way, we build better architecture. There’s no such thing as the best glove in the world – it’s all about the fit.

I started Architexture to be the best at those things I believed to be important to great, and practical architecture.

I have worked in partnership with builders, at financial risk, for years, and I have a close understanding of what is build-able, practical design.

I strive to combine this pragmatic background with a design approach that shows you what is possible not just what ticks the boxes.

I've also built guitars from scratch, played piano professionally, love the outdoors, the arts, and have 2 young kids. Does that matter?

I believe great design, great architecture, requires a broadly developed perspective, and draws on a love of materials and forms.

My designs should bring practicality, joy, and a superb fit to their function.

Above all, I believe in working with people with whom I connect, on projects where I can add something above and beyond expectations

In meeting and starting a discussion, you and I can discover if there is the fit you require.